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What is an E-1 Visa?

The E-1 Visa is for treaty traders that permit the individuals or employees of an organization to step into the United States and carry out international trade. 

Requirements for E-1 Visa

  • The applicant must show to engage in substantial trade that is not strictly specified. 
  • At least 50% of trade must be carried out between the treaty country and the United States.
  • The trading can involve goods, transportation, and other non-physical services such as tourism, technology, journalism, insurance, etc. 
  • The applicant for an E-1 Visa must be a national of one of the treaty countries. However, this requirement does not apply to any of the family members. 
  • The applicant must prove they will return to their home country when their visa ends. 

Processing Time for E-1 Visa

E1 VISA Lawyer

The processing time of an E-1 Visa will differ based on whether you are applying from within the US or outside the US. The processing time varies from 2 to 4 weeks. However, the time can vary. 

The E-1 Visa will permit an applicant to stay for 2 years. It can be extended to 2 more years. The applicant must meet all the requirements of the E-1 Visa. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on the number of extensions. Speak with an E-1 Visa lawyer to discuss further processing time details. 

E-1 Visa Requirements for Employees

Employees can come to the United States under the E-1 Visa for trading purposes. However, they must satisfy some of the conditions such as:

  • An employee must be a national or a citizen of the treaty nation.
  • The employee of an organization must be serving any of the supervisory or managerial roles. The responsibility requires unique knowledge and capabilities.
  • The employer must satisfy one of the conditions: either have an E-1 Visa working in the US or, if they are outside of the US, they must meet all the eligibility criteria of an E-1 Visa.

Benefits of an E-1 Visa

  • An individual with an E-1 Visa can travel freely in and out of the United States.
  • You can stay for a longer time by extending the E1 visa status
  • The dependants of the E-1 Visa holder can last as long as the holder maintains E1 visa status.
  • You can even apply for a status change in the United States.
  • Even the spouse of an E-1 Visa holder can seek employment. However, they require an employment authorization document.