One of the programming languages that is gaining immense popularity is Python. We all know that Stack Overflow predicted in the year 2017 that Python would gain fame amongst developers and would be preferred above all the programming languages.

    If we analyze the scenario in 2020, we know that Python has just occupied the market and is booming in the world of programming. Machine learning has broadened the scope of the Python programming language. Let’s glance at why Python has become so popular and what the top 5 reasons make the Python language popular amongst developers.

    Five reasons that make Python in trend

     1. Ease of use

    If you are a newcomer or a beginner who wants to learn programming, then there is nothing as easy to understand as Python language. The simplified syntax makes it popular amongst the developers. The codes that are written in Python are easier to execute; that is, the execution is much faster as compared to other programming languages.

    Guido Van Rossum created Python in 1990, which he designed to analyze the situation and tried to make it a more general-purpose language, which is why it is creating wonders nowadays.

    2. Support from the Python community

    Did you know? Python is as old as 30 years, and in the last 30 years, the Python community has been developing, supporting, and helping from beginners to experienced Python developers.

    Nowadays, thanks to the digital world, there are YouTube and many other platforms that offer tutorials, videos, and lectures that help developers and make learning and grasping concepts much more accessible. It is a known fact that the Python community has helped the developers and is one of the most incredible communities about programming languages.

    3. Python libraries and frameworks

    To save your time and effort, Python language offers beginners a whole lot of libraries and frameworks during the initial level of development, which in turn motivates beginners a lot.

    Some of the frameworks of Python are matplotlib, which is used for plotting charts and graphs, SciPy used for engineering applications, NumPy used for scientific computing; Django, which is commonly used for server-side web development and many more.

    4. First-choice language for Big Data, Machine learning and Cloud Computing

    If you are a tech-savvy junkie, you must be aware that the most significant trends nowadays are Big Data, Machine learning, and Cloud Computing which have occupied the market. After the R language, Python is the second most used language for data science.

    In machine learning, thousands of Python libraries are also being utilized for neural networks, computer vision, and many more areas.  Even the students prefer Python because of the high demand from the development market.

    5. Use of Python in academics

    Regarding schools and colleges, Python programming has become the core programming language. This is because the Python language is extensively used in many fields, such as Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning, Data science, Machine learning, and many more fields.

    Schools and colleges are making Python mandatory in computer courses because of its benefits, ease of code, and simple syntax. Due to this more Python programmers are emerging, giving rise to the market scenario of Python programming language popularity and growth.

    These reasons must have given you valuable insights into how Python is booming and growing at supersonic speed.


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