How to prevent loose skin during weight loss?

    Whenever you are planning to lose weight, the thought of loose skin may demotivate you to go on weight loss journey. You may think of toned arms, firm butt, high energy levels, firm butt, and a fit body but not at the idea of loose skin on your arms, stomach, or thighs.  

    How about knowing some natural remedies that may help you to prevent loose skin during weight loss? Let us learn about some natural remedies that will ensure excessive skin.

    Some natural remedies that you can do to minimize excess skin are as follows:

      • Losing weight gradually
      • Consuming hydrolyzed collagen
      • Staying hydrated 
      • Eating essential nutrients 
      • Say no to smoking
      • Avoid staying in sun and always use moisturizer to protect your skin
    • Losing weight gradually

    Losing weight slowly is one of the best ways that may help you prevent excessive skin. Dieting will surely affect your skin as weight loss will cause your skin to lose elasticity as it will begin to lose. Therefore, skin will become fragile and will sag. It is always suggested to not skip meals avoid extreme weight loss tactics. 

    You must focus on eating nutrient rich food in smaller portions that will help in gradual weight loss instead of drastic weight loss. Normal weight loss must be nearly 2 pounds every week. 

    • Consuming hydrolyzed collagen

    Collagen hydrolysate is a processed form of collagen found in animal’s connective tissue which is similar to gelatin. It has not been tested on people who have loose skin. However, researchers have suggested that collagen hydrolysate may have protective effects on the skin. 

    • Staying hydrated 

    Staying hydrated or consuming water at regular intervals may cause a greater weight loss. It increases metabolism, suppresses your appetite, and help you to exercise. Moreover, it will help the elasticity of the skin and will also ensure that you do not get loose skin even after weight loss. 

    • Eating essential nutrients through a balanced diet 

    You must consume fruits and vegetables to stay healthy and will also help to regain the elasticity and retract as you begin to lose weight. Furthermore, you must also consume foods that are rich in Vitamins A, C, and E regularly. 

    • Say no to smoking

    The skin elasticity will reduce if you do smoking. This is because the chemicals present in cigarettes will lay an adverse effect on your skin. The nicotine present in the cigarettes will also prevent nutrient consumption. Smoking will also result in dry skin and wrinkles that will not shrink the skin when you are on weight loss journey. 

    Avoid staying in sun and always use moisturizer to protect your skin

    As you begin to age, your skin starts to loose its elasticity owing to less collagen levels and elastin levels. Therefore, you need to take proper care of your skin while you are losing weight.  

    You must not go in the sun and take care of your skin. You can also plan your workouts in such a way that you are not exposing your skin to the sunlight that may harm your skin. Moreover, if you are going in the sun, apply sunscreen to prevent destroying your collagen that may happen in sunlight. 

    Factors that influence the loss of skin elasticity

    Several factors may contribute to loose skin after you loose weight:

    • Length of time: If you have been obese for longer time, your skin may become saggy when you are on weight loss journey owing to collagen loss.
    • Genetics: Genes may decide how weight loss will appear on your body and skin. 
    • Amount of weight lost: If someone has lost more than 46 kg or 100 pounds, skin may become loose in comparison to moderate weight loss.
    • Age: If you are old your skin will have less collagen in comparison to if you are young. Therefore, age may be one of the other factors that may affect your skin. 

    Can loose skin after weight loss go away on its own?

    It may take time for your body to adapt to the new shape. Minimal saggy skin may return to its own within some time after weight loss. If your skin has been stretching excessively due to excessive weight, it may become saggy after weight loss. You may tone your skin by toning exercises and plastic surgery if required to remove your unwanted saggy skin. 

    What are some of the problems that comes with excessive loose skin?

    Some issues that you might face when you are accompanied by excessive loose skin are:

    • Physical discomfort as it may make you self-conscious always.
    • Excessive loose skin may lead to less of exercise after surgery.
    • It may also cause skin irritation and breakdown.
    • Loose skin may also lead to negative effect on your mood and body image. 

    Medical treatments that will help to tighten loosen skin

    Some medical treatments that may help to tighten the loosen skin are body contouring surgeries. They may include removal of skin from the abdomen, removal of skin from the belly, buttocks, hips, and thighs, removal of skin from the breasts and back, removal of skin from the inner and outer thighs and removal of skin from the upper arms. One must always consult a healthcare provider before going for any surgeries as it may have negative impact on your body.


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