According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, the sniper unit close to Bakhmut called themselves “Devils and Angels.” As the Troops of Ukraine are struggling to move forward through Russia’s minefields, an elite sniper is trying to target Russian high-profile militants.

    They aim to create chaos and disorganize the enemy ranks. The retired Army Major General Robert Scales told the journal if they try to attack the snipers, they begin to disarray.

    The snipers say they will work in silence and not be seen. Along with marksmanship, they are also trained to be more mysterious in their field.

    The snipers of Ukraine are planning to demotivate and arouse the feeling of terror among the Russian troops. Their spirits are high as one of the snipers operated 16 times just to be part of the unit. They have been surviving for a long time in Ukraine and have become essential as the front lines stabilize.

    The Ukrainian snipers prefer Western rifles instead of camouflage and ghillie suits that may help them blend in the environment. They mainly like night-vision technology that allows them to identify their targets and hit even the moving targets.


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