7-Day Weight Loss Diet Plan

    Various diet plans for weight loss are prevalent nowadays. Some of them are as follows: Keto diet

    • Low-carbohydrates diet
    • Plant-based diet
    • Intermittent fasting
    • Gluten-free diet
    • Veganism
    • Mediterranean diet
    • Low-fat diet

    All these diet plans may help you with weight loss. However, you need to choose a diet plan according to your body’s requirements and consider foods you may be allergic to.

    7-Day Weight Loss Diet Plan Chart


    Days Breakfast Snack Lunch Tea time Dinner
    Day 1 2 egg whites or scrambled eggs with vegetables of your choice, 1 slice whole grain toast, ½ cup blueberries or low-calorie fruit of your choice ½ cup low-fat yogurt with some seasonal fruit of your choice without any added sugar A big bowl of salad comprising grilled chicken breast or any source of protein mixed with onions, zucchini, and bell peppers. Add a dressing by mixing olive oil, cilantro, and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Take baby carrots with and some dip, such as hummus.OR

    Black coffee with some nuts of your choice.

    Grilled salmon with toasted almonds and a small portion of rice. Add a portion of spinach with parmesan cheese, and add nuts to get that extra crunch.
    Day 2 Prepare overnight oats mixed with some low-fat milk and chia seeds. You can serve it cold by adding granola and a fruit of your choice. A small portion of the fruit of your choice. Maybe some raspberries or blueberries or any seasonal fruit. Multi-grain bread rolled with some grilled chicken or soya. Add lots of vegetables with a squeeze of lemon to add that taste. Some salsa dip with some grilled baby corns Some brown rice with some grilled broccoli with spinach salad.
    Day 3 An omelet with 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg. Add lots of vegetables to add that fiber content in your diet A cup of diced watermelon Prepare a salad by adding Caesar dressing with grilled chicken and adding vegetables that have high water content, such as mushrooms and celery. Add some parmesan cheese if you like. Try to consume black coffee, as it will increase your metabolism. Add some foxnuts or nuts of your choice during your snack time. Prepare a soup by adding vegetables of your choice and beans. IT will give you a feeling of fullness for long.
    Day 4 Consume 2 to 3 pieces of multigrain bread by toasting it and spreading some butter, and 1 banana. Drizzle some honey and enjoy your toast. One small apple with Greek yogurt and add some nuts for that extra crunch Prepare tortilla wraps by adding chicken or beef and add lots of vegetables such as lettuce, onions, and tomato slices along with some mustard sauce. 2 to 3 tablespoons of guacamole with some baby corns Grilled salmon accompanied with some salad of cherry tomatoes, beans, and onions. You can even add Greek yogurt with a dash of cinnamon to enhance the taste.
    Day 5 Prepare a burrito bowl by adding eggs, black beans, olive oil, cilantro, salsa, and low-fat cheddar cheese, and whole wheat tortilla. 2 wedges of cantaloupe Low-fat burger. It will be great if it is prepared from multigrain. You can add a portion of a salad of your choice by adding lots of vegetables. Black coffee with some low-fat mozzarella string cheese stick Prepare a nice roasted salmon with a small portion of brown rice and some Greek yogurt.
    Day 6 Make some of the frittata by adding pesto, bell peppers, and egg whites. Prepare a nice dessert by adding Greek yogurt, some roasted almonds and a fruit of your choice. It will satisfy your sweet tooth. Some grilled chicken, and tomato cucumber salad. You can prepare a nice smoothie by adding low-fat milk and banana with some honey. If you can add some spinach, it will be healthier. Prepare a spaghetti by adding some spinach and low-fat parmesan cheese. Drizzle some olive oil. Add a portion of some baked beans and roasted almonds
    Day 7 Prepare a waffle and add some bananas along with some honey and roasted nuts. 1 cup of diced watermelon or cantaloupe, whichever you can lay your hands on Prepare a salad consisting of grilled chicken with cranberries, avocado, and toasted walnuts. Add one medium-sized apple if you still feel hungry. Consume Greek yogurt with flaxseed powder and some blueberries. Prepare a pork tenderloin and stir fire it with in olive oil. You can add a portion of cucumber and tomato salad.


    NOTE: If you are a vegetarian, you can replace chicken with tofu, beans, and other plant-based options. You must always consult with a dietician and start a diet by analyzing all the options. Take care to avoid consuming food or spices that you are allergic to and replace them with some other healthy option. The portion size may vary according to your calorie intake.

    FAQs on 7-Day Weight Loss

    1. How Can I Lose Weight In 7 Days At Home?

    You can lose weight in 7 days at home with a high protein diet. Protein will help to build your muscular mass, thereby reducing the overall calorie intake. It will also help to increase metabolic rate, which means the consumed food will be digested without exercise. Creating an exercise plan along with a diet plan will help to Diet Plan For Weight Loss.

    1. How Can I Lose 5kg In 7 Days?

    If you aim to lose 5kg in a week, you need to have a calorie-deficit diet of nearly 35,000 calories. It means that each day you need to cut 5000 calories from your diet. However, a diet plan must be taken after consulting with an experienced dietician.

    1. Can I Slim Down In 7 Days?

    Yes, you can slim down in 7 days. However, weight loss is a gradual process requiring patience and discipline. Along with this, you need to create an exercise and diet plan that will suit your body. In this way, you must be able to lose weight in a week.


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