What is an E-3 Visa?

The E-3 Visa is for Australian nationals, children who are below 21 years, and their spouses. E-3 Visa holders will be going to the United States to work purposely in a specialty occupation. The children and spouses may or may not be Australian citizens. In case the partner, spouse, or children who are less than 21 years want to join you to stay in the US, they may acquire derivative visas.

What do you mean by specialty occupation?

Specialty occupation means practical applying specialized knowledge and an individual must possess a bachelor’s or higher degree in the particular specialty. These are the minimum requirements to step into the United States as an E-3 Visa holder. You can even discuss your case with a proficient E-3 Visa lawyer who has an in-depth knowledge of immigration laws.

FAQ’s on E-3 Visa Lawyer

If you have a degree and a job, will it be necessary to still have E-3 Visa?

The job will qualify for the E-3 Visa if you have a bachelor’s degree in any of the specialty occupations. However, the job must also require having a bachelor’s or higher degree apart from an E-3 Visa.

Is there any upper age limit for the E-3 Visa applicants?

No, there is no upper age limit for the E3 Visa applicants. If you do not have permanent citizenship in the United States, you cannot apply for the E3 Visa. If you are a new Australian citizen, you need to have an Australian passport.