The whopping deal of $ 15.7 billion is creating a buzz around the globe. Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM, and Tableau is the #1 Business Intelligence and analytics platform. People are witnessing the two of the biggest and most powerful platforms to come together.

    Tableau is a data visualization tool that assists people in understanding data. On the contrary, Salesforce helps people in engaging and understanding customers.

    Predicting the Tech Trend

    Prediction 1 

    Salesforce is one of the most innovative companies in the cosmos. I am looking forward to the influence that Tableau will have on Salesforce. The amalgamation of Salesforce and Tableau will revolutionize the platform to deliver intelligent and intuitive analytics.

    The customer architecture perspective has fluctuated to incorporate more predictive capabilities into their software. The stats illustrate that more than 80,000 enterprises utilize the Tableau analytics platform. Tableau will make Customer 360 and analytics capabilities more robust, permitting the enterprise to reach more customers. With Salesforce CRM, Tableau can create wonders and take over the market.

    The acquisitions made by Salesforce will broaden the scope of development and progress of Customer 360. Tableau can pull mobile data, social data, Google Analytics data, and Salesforce CRM data, which minimizes the cost and improves the ROI. It will be interesting to see how Salesforce emerges as the software market hero.

    Prediction 2

    Customers want apps to be magic now with more and more Artificial Intelligence. The users want to go from high to low to no regulation. The development experience needs to be consistent. Is it the same or a different feel? That we surely need to discover.

    Salesforce is driving people to more advanced, more innovative, and AI-powered apps and leveraging the foremost power of integrating CRM with Data Visualization. Tableau will demonstrate that real-time visualization of customer data impacts enterprises and the industry.

    This swallow of Tableau by Salesforce also highlights that merging AI is insufficient. When Artificial Intelligence, Tableau, and Salesforce come together, CRM will permit organizations to make rapid and data-demonstrated decisions. This will undoubtedly inspire every facet of the corporate world, turning employees fast, productive, and more innovative.

    Prediction 3

    While we are still months from knowing these integrations’ impact on our business, we can see how they will profit at the user level. The marketing, sales, and operations teams must view how this acquisition will impact their business.

    When the marketing engines have easy-to-consume and real-time data at their fingertips, will the influence on customer experience will be felt immediately? This will be amazing to witness. As an analytics player, you have to play with data. The Tableau acquisition will give customers the capability to analyze data more efficiently. Companies must understand this integration and utilize these new fluctuations to turn the ball in their court. It will be interesting to see how this is going to play out.

    Prediction 4

    No one can predict the future of automation with 100% precision. The two pillars of Tableau and Salesforce will be incorporated into the limelight of innovation in the forthcoming years. The year’s prime acquisition by Salesforce will fuel the tech industry.

    It will be exciting to view the impact of the current trends in the small business market. This bold move of Salesforce will get improved sales forecasts, which companies hope for. Better use of CRM data, how to automate with the increasing amount of data, improve the quality and speed of decision making, and improve the efficiency of implementing the workflow automation tools are what SMBs are expecting. The current trends show data visualization, CRM data, and workflow automation are some factors that will streamline the process for SMBs.

    Prediction 5

    Salesforce has come a long way in the last few years. In 2015, Salesforce introduced “Trailhead- a fun way to learn Salesforce”. Salesforce 2016 introduced the concept of Lightning and Einstein which reformed the way apps will be built in the future.

    Integrating the idea of Einstein with Salesforce will create wonders. In the past months, Salesforce has focused more on the platform and customization part of Einstein, programmatic interface, natural language processing, and semantic analysis.

    Salesforce is running the whole breadth by emphasizing more tailored customizations. The acquisition of Tableau will be a game-changer and all-pervasive (Sales Cloud Einstein, Service Cloud Einstein, Marketing Cloud Einstein). Einstein forecast, predictive forecast, and opportunity scoring have been huge challenges for people and have made it easy.

    Salesforce is injecting Einstein into almost everything, extending its business intelligence and analytics reach by merging Tableau. Comprehensively, with the influence of Tableau, 2019 will be fascinating and stimulating to witness. Salesforce will serve as the top-notch preference for the software industry. The commitment of Salesforce to Ohana will transform the drive to a great extent.


    We conclude that the Salesforce platform has become a paramount choice for businesses with every passing day. Salesforce has always focused on the 360-degree customer view in all its endeavors. “All the innovation, all the impetus, and all the expertise are in accordance with Salesforce.”

    Therefore, Salesforce serves to be a stimulating platform to be associated with. Trust, security, and transparency are the Salesforce values that guide its unrelenting journey.


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