As we have witnessed, 2022 has been marked with numerous innovations in Salesforce. Now, the question that lingers is – What will be the fate of Salesforce in 2023? The year 2023 is creating a buzz in analytics powered by AI, digital transformation, the use of AI by marketers, proactive customer services, and much more. So, guys, if you want to embark on a new perspective on what Salesforce is approaching, you have come to the right place.

    Innovation- It’s time to rethink

    With the emergence of new capabilities, processes, and technology, revolutionizing and personalizing customer experience is becoming mandatory. The growth of AI has given us reasons and shown us a way to achieve this. If we just view the stats, we can see how the amalgamation of AI and Salesforce is creating wonders.

    It is incredible to know that the executives are terming the growth of AI as the fourth industrial revolution.  We can make this bigger and bigger when everyone in Salesforce Ohana participates and brings in new ideas and approaches.

    The Salesforce AI Research team is even expanding in Singapore. Yes, you heard it right. Salesforce is trying to develop AI talent and the AI ecosystem globally.  Salesforce is all set to leave its footprint in Asia, not only in AI but in NLP, deep learning, machine learning, and much more.

    Salesforce Sydney World Tour 2019

    People, you must have heard about the Salesforce Sydney World Tour 2019. It has turned out to be excellent. Salesforce has celebrated its 20 years in terms of revenue and its core values- Innovation, equality, trust, and customer success.

    Let’s dive into what exciting has occurred in this event. One of the incredible learning mediums was launched , my Trailhead which will surely assist everyone out there who is keen on knowing the developments, workflows, and much more.

    Some of the renowned Salesforce evangelists shared the importance of seeking customer feedback in the growth of any organization, women empowerment, sales trends, collaboration across sales and marketing, recurring revenue, and other building blocks in Salesforce.

    The event’s awesomeness of the current scenario and the future of Salesforce were the event’s highlights. Organizations must be ready to witness the DARQ power, quantum computing, how to fluctuate the workplace, awareness about the security constraints in companies, and how this pace of change needs to be surpassed.

    Equality- An eye opener on women empowerment

    Salesforce is regarded as one of the technologies that has brought revolution and transformation in the lives of hundreds of women. The march marked Sydney’s event for equality, which has also amplified our spirit for women’s empowerment. Indeed, it is one of the significant initiatives by the Salesforce team towards bringing in more female talent on board.

    On this International Women’s Day, Salesforce united with some women to discover the trend in workforce participation.  In the past decade, the stats highlight that more women are returning to the workforce, and their roles have escalated. WIT is one of the splendid initiatives of Salesforce towards enhancing more women in technology.


    Salesforce is all about giving back, making a difference to the community at large, and bringing in more opportunities for women, and with this encouraging message, I am wrapping up this post. Cheers!!! to Salesforce Ohana and its core values.


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